8 Great Blog Topics for the Cannabis Industry

admin / November 10, 2017

Now that marijuana is becoming more widely accepted across the nation, and states are legalizing the substance, more blogs are popping up across the web pertaining to this industry. Dispensaries, medical providers, doctors, growers, and others all have something to gain by getting involved in the industry and are placing these blog posts online to excite interest. If you are in the cannabis industry and want to create blog posts that win over the audience, the 8 topics below are those that you should write. You can get more tips for blog writing at after these titles are written.

1- Best Dispensaries in the Area

When someone wants to purchase cannabis from a local dispensary, they want to know the best. Which dispensaries in the area offer the best strain selection? Where can you find the most potent weed? A blog listing the dispensaries you’ve personally tried and recommended is a good write.

2- How to Spot a Stoner

If you are a smoker, you probably wouldn’t’ mind meeting other stoners to form friendships and toke sessions with. A blog post about the ways to spot a stoner can help those who want this to occur in their life.

3- Recommended Strains

There are some strains that are better than others, as any smoker knows. If you want to share your knowledge of marijuana strains with others, you can do so in your blog posts. Trust that many eyes will want to read the information that you place inside this blog post.

4- How to Choose a Strain

Indica and Sativa were once the only choices available, but now, hybrids and CBD strains are also out there. For new smokers, picking a strain they’ll enjoy is not easy. A blog post informing readers of proper measures of choosing a strain can be very insightful.

5- Latest Cannabis News

Although cannabis news articles are not evergreen, they’re amazing for blog posts because people want to stay informed with the latest happenings and goings-on in the community. Your blog posts concerning the latest in cannabis news is sure to be read and enjoyed by many.

6- Sales & Deals

In legal cannabis states, coupons, promotions, and other special offers are available for marijuana and marijuana related products. If you think saving money on everyday purchases is fun, just wait until you save cash on marijuana purchases. There’s nothing quite like it and sending your readers toward the best deals is a great way to instantly build fans.

7- How to Get Involved in the Cannabis industry

Many people want to get in the cannabis industry and make some of the profits that are being made. You can provide tem posts that detail how to get involved in the cannabis industry and will get many thanks in the process.

8- Best ofÂ…

Whether it is vaporizers or pipes, bongs or papers, stoners want to know the best products to spend their money on to enhance their smoking experience. When providing blogs covering the best products, you will give them insight they want and need.